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Composition system of JS2000 concrete mixer

As we have already known, JS2000 concrete mixer is composed by feeding, stirring, discharge, water supply, electric parts. As a typical model of JS series concrete mixers, JS2000 are very popular in the world market, many friends abroad are interested in it, they want to know the structure of JS2000 concrete mixer better.
JS2000 concrete mixer
Here let me introduce the details about the composition system of JS2000 concrete mixer. 
1. Feeding system
JS2000 concrete mixer feeding system is composed by hoisting, feeding frame, hopper, feed nozzle, etc. The feeding frame is equipped with limit switches, upper limit has two limit switches, in charge of the limit and safety protection effect of hopper rise respectively. Feeding frame can be folded.
2. Mixing system
JS2000 concrete mixer mixing system is composed of motor, pulley, reducer, open gear, mixing barrel stirring device, oil supply device, etc. JS2000 concrete mixer motor directly connected to the cycloid pin gear reducer, the two reducer output shaft drives horizontal mixing shafts reverse constant speed configuration respectively through open gear. JS2000 concrete mixer mixing tank barrel part is made by arc welding, five kinds of lining boards are set within the mixing drum, all connect fasten to countersunk with heavy head screw.
3. Discharge system
JS2000 forced concrete mixer discharge system is composed by the discharge hopper, air pump, reversing valve, split valve, cylinder, electric etc. The blender discharging door of JS1200 concrete mixer installed in the bottom of the mixer, through the implementation of pneumatic cylinder unloading, can also control the discharging door open and close position, by adjusting the position of the sealing strip to ensure the discharging door seal. JS2000 concrete mixer discharging manual operating bar is for temporary power failure emergency discharge and discharge for cylinder fail, it should be removed ordinarily in case of injury.


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