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Why Concrete Pump Should Do Well Lubricating Work

Why Concrete Pump Should Do Well Lubricating Work

Why do concrete pump lubrication work, then how to do this matter, in fact, do a good job not only can reduce the lubrication of concrete pump failure rate, but also can improve the service life. Can save you more time and cost. Now how to do a good job on lubrication.
Why Concrete Pump Should Do Well Lubricating Work

1, manual grease pump: vehicle pump before each boot and the end of the pump after washing the vehicle, check and keep the manual grease pump oil tank filled with grease, pull the grease pump handle to observe the mixing bearing , S tube size of the shaft head are clean grease can be spilled. During operation, pull the manual grease pump handle 10 times every 1 hour. Concrete pump lubrication system should be kept clean, prevent dust and other impurities from entering, and do not contact with acid-base substances, each 500 hours of work on the system cleaned once.

2, oil cup lubrication: the two swing valve seat on the cylinder, each with a lubricant cup. Concrete pump truck pump work before the start, must be filled with grease to the oil cup, and rotary cap oiling lubrication. Working process, every 4 hours capping lubrication once, so that the spherical friction surface in a good state of lubrication.

3, the concrete piston: When the delivery tank coating (0.2-0.25mm) has not been worn out the rear of the concrete piston tank that is concrete slurry or sand, indicating that the piston has to be replaced immediately grinding concrete seal, guide ring, dust ring . Since the piston can be simply manipulated by the control panel to return to the pumping system tank, usually to keep the piston out of check, in addition, the piston retreated to the tank, the piston seal on the concrete and guide ring cleaning, Lubrication, which can effectively extend the life of the piston.

4, vehicle pump jib, legs and turntable maintenance: vehicle pump pump articulated joints of each section of the boom, four legs and bearings of the connecting shaft and turntable designed a butter nozzle (specific butter nozzle position details See the concrete pump truck manual), requiring 60 hours of lubrication points to the (grease mouth) for oil. Apply grease to complete lubrication until oil spills.
Concrete Pump Should Do Well Lubricating Work


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